IT's ON!!! The 2016 Grand Prix Rally is a Touring Road Rally that offers challenges to both drivers and navigators over the four days of competition. The Event includes Speed Events, Hillclimbs, Circuit Sprints and Auto-Tests with a balance of configurations to suit all types of vehicles, linked by Navigation and Mapped Transport Sections each day combined with Social Events each evening culminating with the Presentation Function on the final night of the Event. The Rally is open to all manufacturer produced performance, sporting, grand touring and thoroughbred vehicles.

Event Dates: The Rally will be conducted from Monday 14 March (Labour Day - Vic) starting at DECA, Shepparton, Victoria, through Thursday 17 March with the last competitive at Sandown Park. The Presentation Function will be held on the Thursday night (Venue – Inner Melbourne). Please reference the Event Schedule. 

Featured Marque: In celebration of their 100th year anniversary in 2016, the Featured Marque for the Grand Prix Rally is BMW, with a dedicated BMW Class and commemorative Grand Prix Rally BMW Trophy.

Entry: The Event will accept a maximum of 50 Entries. Event Entry is by the Event Entry Form only. Entry opens Tuesday 20 October 2015 and closes Friday 12 February 2016 or when fully subscribed. The Organisers will accept 10 Reserve Entries. 

Entry Fees: Entry Fees Entry Fee (Driver/Navigator) is $2310.00. Driver/Co-Driver/Navigator is $2640.00. 
Please reference the Event Regulations and Event Entry Form for all details. All fees include GST. 

Event Permit/ Event Permit/ t Permit/Licensing: The Grand Prix Rally will be conducted under an Australian Auto Sport Alliance (AASA) Permit. All Drivers/Navigators will require a minimum AASA Club Racing Licence or higher or an AASA recognized equivalent standard competition licence. The AASA Club Licence application is available from:

Accommodation: The Organisers will provide an Accommodation Listing for the Grand Prix Rally Event days at Shepparton (Sunday), Wangaratta (Monday), Healesville (Tuesday) and Traralgon (Wednesday). Additional Crew and Friends: Additional Crew and Friends: Crews, friends and family are more than welcome. A ‘Crew Booking Form’ will advise the Organisers if any additional crew require meals en-route or extra tickets to the Presentation Function. 

Navigation: The Navigation Tests are not set to “get you lost”. The challenge is to be able to read a map, know where you are on the road and interpret the instructions. The style of Navigation is by plotting by grid reference on 250,000:1 Maps, RACV Maps and Route Charts, reading off a compass, traveling the road as mapped and being observant. All maps are supplied. The Organisers will conduct a Navigation School prior to the first Navigation and offer review each evening. 

Navigation Equipment:What navigators will need! A ‘Rally Roamer’ to read 250,000: 1, The Organisers will provide Rally Roamers at the Event Briefing, a decent magnifying glass a decent magnifying glass (also available at the Navigation Briefing), highlighter pens, a clipboard, (A4 or A3 Size), clutch pencils and erasers. A Compass would be handy but the clear plastic Rally Roamer as a compass included, remembering that all maps read north. 

Scoring: Each timed Sub-Event of the Event will be scored individually. Points will be awarded in order of finishing from highest to lowest as follows: 1st = 100 points, 2nd = 99 points, 3rd = 98 points, 4th = 97 points etc and so on down to the last competitor. In the event of “Tied Places”, the average of the scores for those places will be awarded to each Crew. Thus, if three Crews tied for second place, add 99 + 98 + 97 = 294 divided by 3 = 98 points per Crew. Navigation will be scored and added to the Crew’s score for the Event. Please reference the Event Regulations. 

Scrutiny: Melbourne Scrutiny and Documentation will be conducted on Thursday 10 March (Venue TBA). Regional and Interstate competitors can arrange Scrutiny with a Scrutineer in their area. Shepparton Scrutiny and Documentation will be conducted on Sunday 13 March (Venue TBA). Scrutiny and Documentation can also be arranged prior to the Event Start on Monday 14 March by appointment. All cars must pass Scrutiny prior to participation in any competition. An Event Scrutiny Form will be sent with Acceptance of Entry Documentation. 

Classes: It is proposed that the competition will be divided into the following classes
CLASSIC: Vehicles manufactured up to end 1975. Open. 
MODERN CLASSIC: Vehicles manufactured from 1976 to 1990. Open 
MODERN: Vehicles manufactured from 1990 to 2016. Open. 

Capacity Classes: Capacity classes within the Categories and/or additional Categories will be determined at the discretion of the Organising Committee to reflect the Entry. Any Class which attracts less than three entries will be combined with next age or capacity Class at the discretion of the Organisers. Turbocharger/Supercharger equivalence factors apply. 

Track Day – Test Day Day – Driver Training @ Sandown: Driver Training @ Sandown: Through our affiliation with Driver Dynamics, Entrants in the Grand Prix Rally will have the opportunity to participate in a Track Day at Sandown on the following dates, 20 December 2015, 16 and 24 January 2016. If interested and for more information or bookings, please contact Driver Dynamics.

Photo CD. As part of the Event Entry, each crew will receive a Photo CD from Osella Photographics. The images will capture each crew in action and the atmosphere of the Event. A sample of the quality of Osella is available here.

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